[phenotips-devs] PhenoTips 1.0 Release Candidate 2 released

Sergiu Dumitriu sergiu at phenotips.org
Fri Sep 26 14:34:23 EDT 2014

The PhenoTips development team is happy to announce the availability of
the first and second release candidates for PhenoTips 1.0. A release
candidate is a test release of what will be the first "stable" version
of PhenoTips 1.0, and unless any major bugs are found in the next few
days, this will be the 1.0 release, so please test this release
thoroughly. The 1.0 release is expected in early October. The highlights
of this release, compared to the previous milestone, are:

* Replaced the CSV export with a more user-friendly Excel export
* VCF files can be uploaded to a patient record; the data is not yet
processed, though
* Better help/info buttons for the patient record fields and phenotypes
  ** Added info buttons for OMIM diseases and gene names, and for
phenotypes displayed as search results and differential diagnosis
* Multiple patients can be pushed to PhenomeCentral in a batch
* Pedigree improvements:
  ** Genes and Phenotypes can now be entered for every person
  ** Added support for importing and exporting from a BOADICEA file
  ** Added explicit generation numbering to nodes in pedigrees
  ** More pedigree templates: proband with one or two generations, plus
a consanguineous marriage
  ** Improved the UI with simpler, scalable icons, a reorganized menu,
and a tabbed person menu
  ** Added a placeholder affected disease which allows marking affected
persons without specifying an exact OMIM disease
  ** Info buttons are shown for disorder, gene, and phenotype search
results, as in the main patient record
  ** Better support for touchscreens
  ** Better display of the pedigree image in the patient record
  ** Added a service for requesting the pedigree image for a patient
* More information exposed through the JSON export
* By default, attached files are stored on the filesystem instead of the
* An extension repository (app-store) is setup, allowing future
extensions to be easily installed; more extensions will show up soon
* Many other bugfixes, performance and UI improvements

See the full list of issues at
Sergiu Dumitriu

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