[PhenoTips Announcement] PhenoTips 1.4 Milestone 1 (development) released

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Fri Aug 25 02:54:34 EDT 2017

The PhenoTips development team is happy to announce the availability of
the PhenoTips 1.4 Milestone 1 release. The highlights of the release are:

= Pedigree editor =

* Colouring of disorders, phenotypes and genes can be turned on/off for
the whole group or per individual item in the pedigree legend
* Improved pedigree legend box
* All abnormalities/annotations associated with person are highlighted
in the legend while hovering over an individual's symbol in the pedigree
* Allowed assigning "Alive and Well" status to a group of people
* Corrected problem with missing person's details when exporting to PNG
and SVG

= Patient records =

* **Text mining**: HPO terms are now extracted from "Indication for
referral" and "Medical history" and displayed as phenotype suggestions
* Renamed "**Molecular** diagnosis" to "**Final** diagnosis"
* Added info button to selected phenotypes, clinical and final diagnoses
* Improved layout of the Gene panels section
* Added new option to filter out genes that have been ruled out in gene
panels (turned on by default)
* Corrected several problems involving entering phenotype details

= Data tables =

* New and improved **data filtering**: Advanced filters are replaced
with a **FILTERS panel** located on the left side of All patient/family
records pages
* Records can now be filtered by Collaborators
* 'Owner', 'Visibility' and 'Collaborators' are now available for
displaying in the patients table (they are not shown by default)

= Push/Export/Import =
* Added ability to push, export and import medical reports, additional
images and documents
* Improved and more user friendly export dialog
* Various fixes involving Excel export file

= Vocabularies =
* Added support for vocabulary categories
** instead of searching only a specific vocabulary, for example "OMIM",
it is now possible to search in all vocabularies of a certain type, for
example "diseases"
** added REST API endpoints ##/vocabularies/categories##;
* More robust **vocabulary reindexing** operation is no longer leaving
system in a bad state (e.g. after failure)
* Suggest widgets for vocabularies are now working on the filters for
groups' owned and shared cases tables, and for study cases
* Gene suggestions are now showing the exact input provided (if found)
as a first option

= Permissions =
* Several improvements in case permissions module is not installed:
** Patients and family tables are now displayed on the homepage
** Fields 'owner' and 'visibility' are removed from advanced filters
** All patients are now shown in the "Browse Patients" table
* Permissions manager dialog can be extended with custom sharing options
* Removal of one's own account as managing collaborator no longer throws

= Other =
* Java 1.8 is now required
* Removed FAMILIES SHARED WITH ME widget from the home page
* Gene Panels JSON is now more concise

See the full list of changes at

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