[PhenoTips Announcement] PhenoTips 1.2.6 (stable) released

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Thu Feb 16 16:01:31 EST 2017

The PhenoTips development team is happy to announce the availability of
the PhenoTips 1.2.6 release. This is a bugfix release, with minor
changes in functionality. The following fixes are in this release:

* Two dashed lines in OMIM list creates strikethrough
* Unable to update patient's DOB and DOD through REST
* Pedigree editor save behavior gives incorrect feedback and is not
* Cannot transfer ownership to groups containing " or ~ in their name
* Owner group containing < or ~ in their name aren't displayed correctly
* Cannot attach/display custom images for workgroups containing special
characters in their name
* Cannot select a study with special characters in it
* Studies with special characters in their name break the patient record UI
* Bad links generated for studies with special characters in their names
in the administration and in the groups using them
* Studies with special characters in their name fail to display the list
of workgroups using them
* Bad links generated for workgroup with special characters in their
names on the homepage dashboard, administration, and in the studies
using them
* Workgroups with special characters in their name fail to display the
list of subscribed Studies
* Cannot filter by more than one type of file for the attachment picker
* The pedigree editor UI doesn't display fully with the embeddable skin
* Embryonal and Fetal onsets are no longer displayed
* Fixed-width icons aren't really fixed width
* APGAR header only covers one of the two APGAR columns in Excel export
* Assisted Reproduction header is always included in the Excel export,
even when no relevant fields are selected
* Donor Egg and Donor Sperm values are swapped in the Excel export
* Broken images displayed on the dashboard for groups without a specific
image attached to them
* Entering ethnicities or allergies with a pipe | in them will actually
split the value in two
* Adding phenotype details for non-standard phenotypes may fail when the
term contains characters not valid in an URL
* Users shouldn't be allowed to add comments on code pages
* JSON returned by /bin/get/PhenoTips/ExportPatient API doesn't include
rejectedGenes if Phenotips Gene field is blank, even when Comments field
is non-empty
* Reindexing HPO version 2017-01-23 results in many terms showing
{has_synonym_type=layperson} in their name
* Images and documents entered as phenotype details are not displayed
correctly in view mode

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